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This article is a transcript of the New and Improved Milk and Quackers subliminal message The Jenny Craig Commercial.
Transcript Information

Quackers Jenny Craig Commercial00:32

Quackers Jenny Craig Commercial

Quackers Jenny Craig Commercial 2!01:28

Quackers Jenny Craig Commercial 2!

Version 1 Release: April 24, 2014
Version 2 Release: August 14, 2014
  • Quackers: Hello, this is Quackers, and I am going to tell you about Jenny Craig. One day, I got a wake-up call.It was from my mother, actually. She called me at 2:00AM,and said, "You're fat!" Anyway, I joined Jenny Craig and this is me before Jenny Craig. And this is me after Jenny Craig. [Camera shows skinny Quackers] As you can see, they had a lot of special effects, I mean I lost a lot of weight. Let's have 19 more subliminal messages and get back to the New and Improved Milk and Quackers Show.

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